What is
a Voltage Economiser?

A Voltage Economiser is an energy saving technique that is used to regulate the incoming power supply from the National Grid. By reducing the voltage supplied to the optimum level you can reduce the amount of electricity you use, cutting your carbon emissions at the same time! This smart technology, can be used in the electrical equipment and appliances at your home and even workplace. The Voltage Economiser is ideal for use in homes and smaller businesses. It reduces electricity consumption by up to 19%. It is supplied complete with full circuit protection and works with solar PV, wind power and heat pumps.

The unit can be easily and quickly installed with minimum disruption to your home and business. 

It’s the ideal solution for anyone looking to save money on their electrical bills. The unit runs silently, needs no maintenance and can prolong the life of your domestic electrical appliances.

Generally speaking, power from the National Grid is supplied at a higher voltage than is required. Although the official normal supply voltage in the UK is 230V, the actual voltage supplied by the National Grid can fluctuate to an average of 242V! Since most appliances are rated at 220V they are being supplied more electricity than necessary to operate – resulting in both energy and financial waste. This also adds extra wear and tear on your appliances. By simply installing a voltage optimiser you can reduce the incoming voltage to your home or business.

When the electricity passes through your Voltage Economiser, the supply voltage will be reduced to the required amount. Any excess voltage being supplied will be simply returned back to the grid. By simply rejecting and returning the surplus to the grid, your electrical equipment will benefit from an optimised power supply and more importantly you won’t be charged for any excess electricity.


What are the perks of using a Voltage Economiser in your home or business?

• Less wasted energy resulting in cheaper electricity bills  • Less carbon emissions resulting in a reduced carbon footprint• Improved power quality to your home or business • Improving the lifespan of electrical devices and appliances


Should I get a Voltage Economiser installed?

In short, YES! A Voltage Optimiser is a simple yet effective way of reducing your energy costs and cut down on your carbon emissions. For the average energy consumer, the ease of installation and the short payback time, is enough reason to invest in this smart bit of tech. However, if you are still uncertain it is always worth seeking advice from Elec-Sys before going ahead with a voltage optimiser installation – and we’re absolutely happy to answer all your queries.

• Voltage optimisation technology could yield average energy savings of up to 19%. 

• While savings begin immediately, payback is usually achieved after two to four years. A four bed home, with an Economiser can see a return on investment of 27%! Which is a better interest than any bank. 

• A retailer with an Economiser installed across 5 shops could approximately save £3,350 per year. 

• One hotel will payback the cost of their Economiser in just 25 months. Their savings will continue for 20+ years after! 

• A large retailer can save up to 1,823 tonnes of Co2 emissions each year by installing a Voltage Optimiser.


How easy is it to install at my property?

A Voltage Economisers is relatively easy to install by a qualified electrician. The unit can be easily and quickly installed with minimum disruption to your home and business. Most installations require a device installed between the main electricity meter and the consumer unit with a few wires simply connected between the two. Each site has specific requirements and will need to be looked at separately by an energy professional.


The greenest & cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use.

The Voltage Optimiser has a dedicated electronic control unit (ECU) which intelligently and constantly monitors all the parameters, such as incoming and outgoing supply voltage, load, current, temperature, even its own performance. It effectively sends back the unused voltage back to the grid meaning you won’t need to pay for the energy you don’t use.

Optimising, conditioning, and reducing your incoming voltage supply protects your electrical equipment from wear and tear – so there’s no need to constantly need to purchase new items and throw your old ones out. Another way to save money!