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    Smart Voltage Economiser

    Save money 365 days a year
    The Voltage Economiser is ideal for use in homes and smaller businesses. It reduces electricity consumption by up to 19%. The Voltage Economiser is supplied complete with full circuit protection and works with solar PV, wind power and heat pumps. The unit can be easily installed with minimum disruption to your home and business, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to save money on their electrical bills. The unit runs silently, needs no maintenance and can prolong the life of your domestic electrical appliances. Click the link to find out more.
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    Low Energy


    Switch to cost-effective LED lighting
    A low energy light fitting uses low energy light bulbs so it requires less electricity than a standard light fitting. They’re installed in exactly the same way as any other light fitting, so you don’t need any extra wiring, or equipment. An LED light requires just 10% of the electricity used by an incandescent bulb, but produces the same amount of light- granting you significant energy savings in the home and business. For example; replacing just one 50Watt halogen spotlight in your kitchen with a 5 Watt LED equivalent could save you over £15 a year (per bulb) and generate the same amount of light.

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    Bespoke Lighting Scheme

    Let us outline you a cost effective plan 
    Lighting schemes can be modelled and carried out to calculate improved lighting levels whilst reducing running costs. Energy saving calculations can be provided to show cost savings by upgrading your existing lighting to LED equivalent, minimising your current wattage whilst maintaining a 
    compliant lux-level, the usage of smart lighting technology such as motion and timing sensors and introducing ecomonisers to lower overall wattage consumption.
    We can provide an accurate savings comparison between your current set-up and our proposal to show you just how much you can save per annum.
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    Smart Lighting Technology

    The latest in cost-saving measures
    Smart lighting systems offer a simple and customisable way of illuminating a property. With rising energy costs and a move to a more “hands free” lifestyle, smart lighting enables any home or business to be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, timers and motion. We can also 
    accommodated AI device options such as Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. It’s a cost effective and future-proof means of cutting down on unneeded light and electricity usage in your home and business.

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    Energy Efficient 

    Often overlooked, but huge annual cost savings
    With commercial overheads and carbon output top of mind for most businesses, one of the last things people think about is the energy consumption of a  hand dryer. A low energy hand dryer it less costly to run and lighter on the environment. We can provide an accurate savings comparison between your current set-up and our proposal to show you just how much you can save per annum.